torstai 28. elokuuta 2014

This time of the year, making it at home inside our heads. Autumn has done it again. (♥)

    meneillään, alkava syksy
           elokuvailtoja (ihan liikaa suklaata ja vanukasta)
        villasukissa varpaita kipristellen

                       kylmä kämppä ja

          unisuus naurukohtauksina

                             going on right now, the beginning autumn              
                                                                movie nights (too much chocolate and pudding)
                                                                            flexing toes in woollen socks

                                                                      apartment cold and

                                     sleepiness as fits of laughter

Spinning round and round
Holding hands
The whole world a blur
But you are standing

Completely drenched
No rubber boots
Running inside us
Want to erupt from a shell

The Wind
An outdoor smell of your hair
I breathe as hard as I can
with my nose

Jump into puddles
With no boots on
Completely drenched(Soaked)
With no boots on

And I get a nosebleed
But I always stand up

And I get a nosebleed
But I always stand up

Translations taken from here

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