lauantai 28. helmikuuta 2015

Cold breath of the beautiful autumn evenings


felt nostalgia in so many ways
was mellow and happy,
the beauty of the dying nature around made me somehow incredibly happy

also. Halloween month. yiss!

oh yeah and autumn vacation: cold autumn evenings and sauna with mom and sis after raking like crazy _every single day_ (also movies and other fun stuff)

*nothing to add, just a buncha hearts* ♥ ♥


_the_higlight_ of the month

the equal marriage law passed in Finnish parliament

on _my birthday_

double the reasons to party  have good food and cake with siblings

mad special month 

tiistai 24. helmikuuta 2015

Times of the Blinding Color Brightness

Big sister's bachelorette party and her and the husband's Moomin themed weddingses!

got an apartment with my younger big sister, school started
was happy and confident, heart and hair on ~ rainbow ~ fire



autumn and bubbly romantic love feels for the time of the year
and also 
school. just. started. happening.
like the most natural thing
friends I've made and relaxed class must be it
also big sister (who goes there with me)

cannot describe how lucky I (still) feel

sunnuntai 15. helmikuuta 2015

A Cliche buttload of falling in love (with self and life)


 finding self again
                                                                    got accepted into a school
adventures, lots of adventures, big and small


 The best fcken biking trip

_complete_ ex tempore drinkin' and bikin' the whole evening into the night with beloved ones
never had as much fun

                                                letting go completely
                                               flowing freely in the moment,
safe n' happy
with siblings, family ♥


 the good ol' youth center


making 'em all into memories
moments of my real life having just begun
all the time stronger 

the warmth